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Family Dental Care at FUNtastic Dental

Experience the best family dental care at our dentist office in Long Beach. Let us guide your kids on their path to a lifelong healthy and happy smile at our pediatric dentist office. Modern dentistry technology and techniques preserve and conserve their natural teeth. With a cool theme park dental office, an office staff that treats your kids like friends, and technology that makes numbing almost 100% pain free, we’ve changed pediatric dentistry from kicking and screaming to fun and easy with kids actually begging to come back.

One of my goals is to make pain, fear, and anxiety when going to the childrens dental exam be a thing of the past! Review how these modern treatments can give your kids the fun, pain-free, anxiety-free visit you, and they, have always wanted. One of the main reasons people love our pediatric dentist office in Long Beach is because we do everything possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing!

I personally have a low tolerance for pain. I don’t want to hear, “This will only hurt a little.” No, that’s not good enough for me. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want it to hurt at all! I’ve always hated even the prick of that darn needle, but there is now a way I can give your kids an almost 100% pain-free injection!

Every day our childrens dental hygienists receive the highest compliments from parents for their gentle and caring skills in taking care of your kids and making their visit fun, pain-free, and anxiety-free.

This wonderful experience makes it easier to instill good oral hygiene habits that can prevent future gum disease that can destroy their smiles as adults.


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