Leslie Anderson / Cypress

My five year old daughter needed a small cavity filled and all I could do was remember how bad it was for me at the dentist as a child. When we arrived at the office she was put at ease immediately as she sat and enjoyed videos. After discussing the procedure with Dr. Stella, I was impressed at all the sophisticated gadgets he had to make the procedure pain free and quick. She smiled through it!
When it was all over I knew she would not be plagued with “nightmares of the dentist” as I once had been. Her exiting comment went something like this, “I love this place! It’s the best. Can I live here?” Who would have thought?”
Thanks Dr. Stella and staff.
“When Tara chipped her tooth, I knew I had to do what I’d been putting off for a while….go to the dentist. She is in the midst of her “terrible-two’s” and I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. But the whole experience went quite well. The playroom kept her busy and the office décor made me think I was at Disneyland with all the great art and oversized props. Dr. Stella and his staff knew exactly what to do and we were in and out in no time at all. Thanks for a great first visit to the dentist.