Vanessa Accardi / Bellflower

Tori was excited to come back to see Dr. Bob today. She actually was looking forward to being back in the dental office; can you believe it, a child looking forward to a filling?
Since her first visit last week she has been brushing while using her purple sand two-minute timer and flossing with special flossing tools. My daughter has been to other dentists but Dr. Bob, his office and staff are superb. The artwork and games, TV’s and DVD’s welcome each child into a friendly and safe environment. The office staff was cordial, polite, pleasant and sweet, which helps ease a nervous mom’s mind, when their child is taken off into another room. Dr. Bob was amazing. He made Tori so comfortable and came out to speak with me after her filling to tell me what a wonderful daughter I have. Dr. Bob took the time to chat with me and compliment my daughter.
I have recommended Dr. Bob and his gracious staff to all my friends and family who are in need of a pediatric dentist who cares about kids and the care of their teeth.